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Another Escape, Association of Illustrators (AOI), Boots, Bloomsbury Publishing, Culture Trip, Honda, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


For new commission enquiries I am represented by Inkling Illustration.

Robert Sae-Heng is an illustrator and artist living in London, UK with his fantastically large cheese plant, Elvis. He has Mexican and Thai origins, and began his childhood on a farm in Mexico before eventually moving to London as a teenager.

In 2009, Robert graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a BA in Illustration. He now lectures part-time on an illustration programme, alongside his illustration work, and has helped to facilitate and deliver workshops and events to all ages through various other roles he has had.

For much of his life, Robert has used imagery to communicate, and uses colour, texture and playfulness to portray emotion and narrative. This began in childhood as he spent his early years unable to hear. He now works with mixed media, combining hand-drawn elements with a digital finish. His favourite things to draw are quaint chairs and silly seals.

Robert loves to travel and explore, all while documenting what he experiences with pencil and paper. By doing this, he is absorbing cultures that are not the ones he has lived within, which helps him to better understand his place in the world.

Previously, his work has been used within a variety of different media, including advertising hoardings, magazines and restaurant branding.

He has just finished illustrating his first book.

Robert is available for commissions, and would love to work with you.

Illustration. A light blue pencil with a pink rubber and a sharp tip rolls back and forth across the page.
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